Data Cleaning With R Master Class

From basics to advanced tricks: Simplify your messy data into clean, usable insights and enroll in this Master Class today!

Get Straight To Your Data Insights

As data scientists, we are often judged by the insights we can generate. But we're often stuck with cleaning our data first. This course teaches you how to stop wasting time and clean your messy data fast.

One Part for Every Occasion

This course consists out of five parts, each of them focusing on one specific aspect or data type in your data cleaning efforts.

Part 1: Transform & Summarize Like A Pro

Get a deep understanding of the basics of computing and summarizing columns. Improve your productivity with advanced tricks.

Part 2: Master File Formats

Learn how to read any file and get it from a messy state into a usable format. This will be particularly useful for Excel files.

Part 3: Handle Text Data

Knowing how to work with text data (and regex in particular) unlocks so many doors for you. I'll show you how that works.

Part 4: Work With Times And Dates

Working with times and dates is always painful. But your live becomes easier when you use powerful functions from lubridate.

Part 5: Level Up Your Workflow

Unlocking the hard but insanely useful functional programming paradigm will make you so much more productive.

Condensed Step-By-Step Tutorials

This course comes with short & highly edited videos. No need to watch me do typos or listen to me go "uhh, ummm, so...."

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Dr. Albert Rapp 👋🏻

I have a PhD in Mathematics and I'm fascinated by the blend of Data Analytics, Web Development, and Visualization.I'm a passionate R user with years of experience. When I'm not working as an IT consultant, I share high quality R Tutorials on YouTube and LinkedIn.In this course, I'm teaching you everything I've learned about data cleaning over the last couple of years. This will help you to get to your data insights much quicker. 🔥📈.

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An In-depth Course For All Your Needs

This course comes with an extensive curriculum for all your data cleaning needs. Each of the 5 Parts of this course is packed with:

  • bite-sized lessons on the mechanics of concepts and functions

  • practical examples that tie it all together


This course is currently on Pre-Sale. This means that you pay a discounted price and get full access to all parts of the course as they become available.

$300 $149

  • Access to Part 1 now.

  • Access to Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 as they become available.

  • Save 50% compared to the final price once all parts are completed.

  • Each part comes with lots of bite-sized video lessons and one final in-depth real-world example that ties all the lessons together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the videos?
I will provice you with access to the videos for the lifetime of the course. This means that you will have access for as long as I continue to run 'Data Cleaning With R Master Class'. Even more specifially, this means access for at least one year after enrollment.
And if I ever decide to stop running my course business, I'll provide you with the video files via download so that you can have them and store them any way you like.

What if I don't like the course?
I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Just send me an e-mail and I take care of your refund.

Do I need to be an R expert?
This course uses the Tidyverse. You should have already seen the most common functions like mutate(), select(), filter(), etc. a couple of times but I wouldn't say that you need to be an "expert". If you understand what's going on in this free 20-minute tutorial, then you're ready for the course.

Can I download videos & R files from this course?
The videos are not available for download but I will provide you with a file that contains all the code that I show you in the videos.

Is there a deadline to complete the course or can I watch and practice anytime I want to?
This course is fully self-paced. There are no deadlines and you can watch the videos whenever you find the time.

What if I have other questions?
That's great news. I'm always striving to make my product & landing pages better. Send me an an e-mail with your question so that I can add it to the FAQs. Win-Win. You can reach me via [email protected]

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